I had heart attack after 2005 'tiger' kidnapping, says victim

The victim of a 2005 'tiger' kidnapping said that he still living with the aftermath of the ordeal today.

Securicor van driver Paul Richardson handed over €2.28m in cash after his wife and two sons were taken from their home in Raheny and held captive at gunpoint overnight.

Today, Jason Kavanagh (aged 39) of Corduff Avenue in Blanchardstown was convicted on charges of robbery and false imprisonment and jailed for 15 years for his part in the crime.

Speaking outside court a short time ago, Mr. Richardson told reporters he is still haunted by what happened to him.

"With the stress and everything else, I had a heart attack, and I'm on medication for the rest of my life," he said.

"Every time something happens, another tiger kidnapping happens or whatever, it brings everything back, and everything is back in your face again, so you don't get away from it.

"Knowing that one man has been convicted of the crime, that is at least some help to us."

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