'I am taking a bow': Bestselling Irish author Emma Hannigan reveals she does not have long to live

Emma Hannigan
By Denise O’Donoghue

Irish author Emma Hannigan has revealed she does not have long to live.

"The time that I knew was borrowed must be given back soon, so it seems," she said in a post on her website.

"The conversation I never wanted to have has been said.

"My medical team have thrown everything but the kitchen sink at this fight but all avenues have now been exhausted.

"To say that I am heartbroken doesn’t begin to cover it."

Emma Hannigan

The bestselling writer, who lives in Bray, Co Wicklow, has battled cancer ten times after discovering in 2006 she carries the BrCa1 gene, which increased her risk of developing breast and ovarian cancer. She had her breasts and ovaries removed that year, but went on to develop cancer ten times in a decade.

Her memoir 'All To Live For' documents her journey with cancer.

Emma, who is 45, thanked her fans for their support through the years.

"I’ve gained such strength from all of you. We’ve shared tips and hints and stories over the years. For all of it – thank you.

"Thank you for taking my hand when I needed it most and for posting all sorts from doggy snaps to moggy pics and the rest.

"We’ve made a great team."

The mother-of-two said the love she feels for her husband Cian, son Sacha, daughter Kim, family, friends and readers is "all that matters now".

"Faced with very little time can I tell you what screams out at me? Love. Nothing else has much meaning anymore. Just the love I feel for the people I hold dear. My two babies (ok they both tower over me, but I’m still allowed call them my babies) my husband, my parents, my family, my friends and readers.

"The love in my heart is all that matters now. I am broken-hearted at having to say goodbye so if it’s alright we’ll say farewell instead."

Emma Hannigan

She urged her readers to enjoy the time they have.

"Life is so very precious. We never know the day or hour that it will be whipped away. So fill your days with as much happiness as you can muster."

Her 13th book, 'Letters to my Daughters', was released this month.

"Usually I’d spend a next few weeks chatting about it and inevitably daring to wonder if you like it. Because this is the time when all authors want to hide in the back of the wardrobe in case nobody likes their new baby! I won’t need to hide, unfortunately, but I sincerely hope you enjoy it."

She signed off by saying she is "taking a bow".

"Farewell and thank you, I am taking a bow. Until we meet again may all that is good and decent be yours."

Emma Hannigan

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