Hurricane Gert heading to Ireland, but no weather warnings expected

Hurricane Gert is heading to Ireland, but it is not expected to batter the country.

Met Eireann says we will feel the effects of the tropical storm as it runs out of steam in the Atlantic.

However, Met Eireann forecaster, Deirdre Lowe, does not anticipate any severe weather warnings.

She said: "So basically it's going to keep Ireland in an unsettled regime. There are going to be showers and perhaps some longer spells of rain at times.

"So it is going to keep the weather unsettled, but at the moment we are not expecting any severe weather on the way."

A satellite image from August 16, 2017, of Hurricane Gert in the Atlantic Ocean on August 15, 2017. AFP PHOTO / NOAA

The tail end of the storm is expected to pass over the country in the next few days.

She said it will bring blustery showers at worst.

Ms Lowe said: "As often happens when ex-hurricanes get put into computer models, the weather does become more difficult to predict day to day, but it is going to be changeable."

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