Hundreds of pro-life supporters gather for vigil

Hundreds of anti-abortion protesters have turned out on O’Connell Street to hold a candlelit vigil.

Hundreds of activists have taken part in opposing pro-choice and anti-abortion rallies in Dublin today - over the controversy surrounding a suicidal migrant who was refused a termination.

The woman - now known as Ms Y - had her baby delivered by C-Section at 25 weeks.

The HSE has launched a review into her care - and will report back on all of the facts as soon as possible.

Rebecca Roughneen of the pro-life Youth Defence group says its vigil is in solidarity with the woman's baby.

"Baby Hope, as we're calling him symbolically, the baby that was forcibly delivered prematurely, and they just wanted to show that we do care that this baby is struggling for its life in hospital."

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