Humanist Association may challenge ban on outdoor weddings

A law banning humanist wedding ceremonies outdoors may be challenged by the Humanist Association of Ireland, who describe it as 'arbitrary'.

More than 600 humanist ceremonies are planned for this year, and the law requiring them to be indoors has left many couples broken hearted.

The Humanist Association's Director of Ceremonies, Brian Whiteside, said the law states they must be held in a place that is "open to the public", and the General Registrar's Office said that can only be indoors.

"We can't see any reason - they're saying tat it's for fear of secret weddings, forced marriages, and they say it may stop people being able to object to a wedding," he said.

"Now, how four walls will prevent this, we don't know – but that is their reasoning."

He is now seeking legal advice on whether it can be challenged.

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