HSE to announce terms of reference for abortion case

The HSE will this morning announce the terms of reference for its inquiry into the case of a suicidal immigrant who was refused an abortion.

The woman, who says she was raped, instead had her baby delivered by C-section at 24 weeks pregnant.

It is expected that a three-person panel will form the HSE's inquiry team which will examine all facts surrounding the case.

A three-member review is expected to be appointed to head-up the HSE's review into the case of the migrant - who says she was denied an abortion.

The Health Service ordered the report on Monday, and says it should be completed by the end of September.

The HSE says the report will not seek to review the decision by the doctors involved.

The woman at the centre of the case, who claims she was raped before coming to Ireland, had her baby delivered by caesarean section as it was deemed too late in her pregnancy for a termination to be carried out.

Thousands of people turned out in protests across the country last night to call for abortion to be legalised in light of the case.

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