HSE reports rise in uptake of HPV vaccine

The uptake for the HPV vaccine is now at 65%, up 15% in the past year.

The HSE says the new figures are encouraging but it would like the uptake to be at 90% .

Girls in first year in secondary school are being offered the vaccination at the moment, with plans underway to extend it to all first-year boys.

The HSE's Dr Sean Denyer has said it is extremely important that everyone who is offered the vaccine gets it.

Dr Denyer said: "Ireland's got one of the highest rates of cervical cancer in western Europe.

"Ninety women per year are dying in Ireland and so much of that is actually preventable. We know the vaccine can prevent 70% of those deaths."

Minister for Health, Simon Harris, said: “I would like to remind parents that it is not too late for your daughters to get the vaccine. Any parents who have reconsidered their decision and are seeking the vaccine for their daughters can use the HSE catch-up service".

“Our next step will be extending the national immunisation schedule to include HPV vaccination of boys."

"The Health Information and Quality Authority (HIQA) is undertaking a health technology assessment (HTA) on this. A public consultation has just been completed and HIQA is expected to submit the final recommendation following its Board Meeting in November.

"Subject to a favourable recommendation from the HTA, Government will seek to extend this vaccine universally as a priority.”

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