HSE report shows State gave Rehab Group €126m in three years

It has emerged that the Rehab Group received almost €126m in State funding between 2010 and 2012.

Figures published in the HSE's annual report show the group was among the biggest recipients of grants in the health system.

The figures, obtained by Fine Gael TD Simon Harris, do not include the €13.5m paid to Rehab to subsidise its lottery.

The group is under pressure to reveal the salaries of its senior managers after it emerged that the group made less than 1 cent of profit for every €4 sold on scratchcards in 2010.

The head of the HSE Tony O'Brien says significant issues have emerged about the governance of fundraising within the charity sector, but he says he expects the current controversy to pass.

Earlier, the Taoiseach compared the issues in the charity sector to finding carpets infested with maggots.

Enda Kenny says the country will come through the current issues around charities and how they spend funds with a system the public can have confidence in.

His comments in the Dáil come in the wake of revelations that Rehab had made less than €10,000 profit from €4m in sales of lottery scratch cards.

Mr Kenny says the Government, through a new regulator, will ensure the public can have confidence in charities.

He said: "Many of the political carpets that have been lifted, many of the financial carpets that have been lifted the past period, have been infested with maggots.

"What's happening now in respect of the charities area is one, that I believe, will actually come through this to a much safe, more justifiable, more accountable, more transparent system."


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