HSE 'did not ask for proof a child still had Down Syndrome'

A senior HSE director is insisting the executive did not ask for proof that a child still had Down Syndrome in the course of a medical card review.

It follows claims that a mother faced the query in relation to her young son as part of a controversial process which was suspended last week.

The Down Syndrome Ireland group has criticised the HSE for denying the incident happened.

National Director for Primary Care with the HSE John Hennessy says he does not want to be in dispute with the group, but they have examined the contacts that were made and have not found any evidence that the question was asked.

"We have reviewed the correspondence," he said.

"It does not ask questions like the one that's been suggested by Down Syndrome Ireland.

"We've also reviewed the tapes of the calls that people made to our call centre. The question that's being alleged was not asked.

"I'd invite anybody, including Pat Clarke and the Down Syndrome association, to come and meet us and review the details with us."

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