HSE bosses to face PAC questions on medical-card review

HSE officials will face questions today on the number of discretionary medical cards that are being returned after the Government halted a major review.

The issue is set to top the agenda at a meeting of the Public Accounts Committee later.

The committee will also hear details of the HSE's current financial situation and recommendations on measures to address the budget deficit.

HSE director general Tony O'Brien and secretary general of the Department of Health Dr Ambrose O’Loughlin are due to give evidence.

Chairman of the Public Accounts Committee Fianna Fáil deputy John McGuinness said: "We're going to look at the cost of setting up the unit to review the medical cards and then determine how far they've got in their work.

"We're also going to ask them for clarification on the discretionary cards, (on) the number of cards that have to be returned to those that deserve them and the number of cards that are still in the process and being reviewed."

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