HSE applies for order not to resuscitate baby girl; Mum says she is ‘gift from God’

The HSE has applied to the High Court for an order not to resuscitate a terminally ill eight-month-old baby girl.

The girl's mother says her daughter is “a gift from God”.

The court heard the baby girl has the genetic disorder mitochondrial depletion syndrome.

There is no known treatment and no child in Ireland has ever survived it.

Counsel for the HSE, Timothy O’Leary SC said the girl has epileptic seizures, bilateral deafness, is visually impaired, has unsafe swallowing and poor respiration.

The HSE is looking for an order allowing doctors not to resuscitate or ventilate the eight-month-old girl.

However, the child's mother argues her daughter is a “miracle” and “a gift from God”.

She added she will not let her baby suffer but she wants the right to decide when her life must end.

High Court president Nicholas Kearns has put the case back until next month.

He has ordered that an independent medical review be carried out before he decides whether to grant the order.

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