Howlin: Make CRC board members face PAC - even if they refuse

Minister Brendan Howlin has said the Public Accounts Committee should compel any Central Remedial Clinic board members to appear and answer further questions from TDs and Senators - even if they refuse.

The PAC is keen to question the CRC board further about the €740,000 retirement package for former chief executive Paul Kiely.

Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Mr Howlin said the PAC had the power to force anyone on the CRC board to take questions about the controversial payout.

He said those powers should be used if it leads to the full truth.

"I'm sure that everybody who has anything to tell any committee of the house should make themselves amenable to it," he said, "and if they don't, I think the powers are there to require that to happen, and it should happen."


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