Howlin: Gov is aware of 'heavy burden' of tax

The Minister for Public Expenditure said Government is aware of the pressures on low and middle income workers.

On Friday The Taoiseach announced that the top rate of tax of 52% is to be reduced. Government said the reduction - aimed at low and middle income earners - will begin in October's Budget.

Reports today suggest Labour will push Fine Gael to raise the Universal Social Charge threshold, meaning less tax for thousands of workers.

"There's a recognition that there is a very heavy burden on low and middle income earners in our State. The transition to the higher rate of tax is at a very low base," Minister Howlin said

"We have to balance expenditure matters with taxation matters, and that is why we didn't spell out in any great detail what the contents of the Budget will be - because we need to have the full fiscal picture."

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