Housing Minister finalising review of Rebuilding Ireland in order to tackle homeless 'crisis'

The Housing Minister Eoghan Murphy says people should not be dying on the streets.

Mr Murphy says it has been a difficult few days for the emergency homeless services and reiterated that "we have a crisis when it comes to homelessness".

Three homeless people died in recent days, two women and one man.

The Housing Minister has expressed his regret a the recent deaths of three homeless people in Dublin, Kildare and Cork and extended his sympathies to the families involved.

The Minister also acknowledged it has been a very difficult few days for the emergency homeless services and thanked them for all their efforts.

Addressing the issue of homelessness Eoghan Murphy once again confirmed we have a crisis.

Next week the Minister is holding an emergency summit with local authority chief executives.

They are hoping to explore new options and see how they can better join up the response across local authorities, health and social care supports.

In an effort to tackle the basic supply problem here he is finalising his review of Rebuilding Ireland which will be announced shortly and is expected to have a positive impact.

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