Horsemeat investigation 'making progress' says Agriculture Minister

Minister for Agriculture Simon Coveney said today that says the investigation into how horsemeat got into burgers made and sold here is "making progress".

He said it appears to be a labelling and traceability issue.

Minister Coveney also said here is no evidence to suggest that either of the two plants at the centre of the burger controversy knowingly imported horsemeat.

Silvercrest Foods has suspended production until further notice.

Minister Coveney says more test results are expected this evening and over the coming days.

"We are making good progress," he said.

"The companies involved are also making progress in relation to their own investigations.

"I think that what Silvercrest did last night was a responsible thing to do. They have stopped all manufacturing at that facility until we get to the bottom of this problem, and we will get to the bottom of this problem, but it's going to take a little bit of time."

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