Horsemeat-in-burgers details 'have to be put to bed once and for all': Farmers

Irish livestock farmers are calling on the Agriculture Minister Simon Coveney and ABP Food Group to get to get to the bottom of the horsemeat scandal.

Last week, Minister Simon Coveney said the source of the contamination at Silvercrest in Co Monaghan was an ingredient from Poland.

Polish authorities yesterday revealed that samples from five slaughterhouses have all tested negative for horse DNA, with results from the sixth and final plant due on Monday.

Gabriel Gilmartin of the Irish Sheep and Cattle Farmers Association said the development threw up more questions for Minister Coveney.

"Farmers are very worried about the statement from the Polish veterinary authorities. We need clarity on this," he said.

"This matter has to be put to bed once and for all because there's far too much uncertainty going on here."

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