Homeless charity calls for place finder services 'all around the country'

Simon Communities is calling for place finder services to be implemented urgently for evicted tenants on rent supports.

Some local authorities offer the service but people can find themselves competing with over 100 others to find an affordable rental property.

The homeless charity's new 'Locked out of the Market' report showed only 41 available properties in their 11 study areas within the Rent Supplement/HAP limits.

Spokesperson Niamh Randall says if tenants are evicted the onus is on them to find new accommodation.

"This can be hugely stressful. Households are competing with...there could 150 other people waiting to see that particular property," said Ms Randall.

"It can take three, six months or even more and it is hugely, hugely stressful."

"We'd be arguing that there should be a responsibility on the local authority to help people or support people to find an alternative property.

"In some local authority areas there are place finder services, we think they should be implemented urgently all around the country."

- Digital Desk



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