Holy Cross priest reveals loyalist death threats

Fr Aidan Troy, from the Holy Cross parish in Belfast, has revealed he has received two loyalist death threats in recent weeks.

Speaking to the Forum for Peace and Reconciliation Fr Troy said the threats called for the closure of the Holy Cross girl's primary school.

Fr Troy said there were no plans to close the primary school and such a move would be a "tragedy" if it closed as a result of intimidation.

He said the discovery of a bomb at the gates of the school on January 6 had "a devastating effect on the children", some of whom have had to resume therapy as result of the trauma.

He quoted a statement by the Red Hand Commando, which demanded the school be closed forever.

Fr Troy also revealed he had received two warnings in recent times from police that he was on loyalist hit lists, including one that warned he would be dead within two days.

However he said the Board of Governors at the Holy Cross primary school will never take its agenda from anyone who issues threats and he also revealed plans to open a cross-community crhche at the Holy Cross, separate to the school in the next 18 months.

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