Hogan: We'll have idea of water charges before May elections

Environment Minister Phil Hogan

Environment Minister Phil Hogan has said that the first indicative charges for water will be released before the local elections.

Minister Hogan told the Dáil this morning that the Government's business plan will be signed off in the next couple of weeks.

But it will be August before the final figure on water charges is fixed after a consultation period.

Minister Hogan says the Government is not trying to hide anything until after May's elections.

"Deputy Cowen knows that his Government actually decided to introduce water charges, as part of the memorandum of understanding (with) the Troika," Minister Hogan said.

"It was a very short timescale to do the metering programme and to do all of the work in terms of establishing a new company, in line with what was agreed with the Troika.

"So we actually have got on with the work… and we will have the Government decisions in good time for the Regulator to be able to publish a consultation document in April."

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