High-rise blaze in Belfast causes fears of another Grenfell

An investigation is underway into the cause of a blaze at a high-rise tower block near Belfast yesterday.

Four people were treated by paramedics but no one was seriously injured.

It happened in an apartment on the ninth floor of the Coolmoyne House tower block in Dunmurry - but authorities say it appears to be accidental. The fire is believed to have been started by a toaster.

Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service Group Commander Geoff Somerville explained that the fire was not similar to the fire that killed 71 people in Grenfell Tower last year.

In this case, the fire did not spread beyond the flat where the blaze broke out. The smoke alarms in the apartment alerted the resident.

However, residents have criticised the fact that other alarms in the building did not go off. Mr Somerville has said that smoke alarms where smoke from the fire had entered did go off.

The Northern Ireland Fire and Rescue Service attended the fire at around half five yesterday evening. The fire was well-developed when the fire crews arrived and had broke through one of the windows in the ninth floor apartment.

The fire services managed to get the blaze under control quickly and it was extinguished within 40 minutes of their arrival.

One resident was rescued and a number of others were led to safety by crews on the scene.

One woman claimed that the first she knew of the blaze was when neighbours starting thumping on her door.

"It was very frightening after what happened in England. The fire brigade have been out and done risk assessments and all on it. So, I don’t know. Thankfully everybody got out but I just don’t feel safe."

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