High Court judge to rule on discovery of files in Ryanair's defamation case against Channel 4

By Ann O'Loughlin

A High Court judge will give his decision this week on whether Ryanair is entitled to certain documents for its legal action against Channel 4 and a production company behind an allegedly defamatory TV programme about the airline.

The Dispatches "Secrets from the Cockpit" programme, broadcast in August 2013, dealt with Ryanair's fuel policy, passenger safety, and pilot working conditions.

Ryanair says it was defamatory because it wrongly meant the airline endangered passenger safety by operating a low fuel policy and by pressuring its pilots to take on as little fuel as possible.

Channel 4 and the programme makers, Blakeway Productions, deny the claims. They say the words complained of were true, an expression of honest opinion, and fair and reasonable publication on matters of public interest.

Ryanair sought court orders that the defendants make further and better discovery of certain documents it needs for its action.

The defendants opposed the application.

The discovery application was heard last June by Mr Justice Charles Meenan who said today he would give his ruling this Thursday.

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