Higgins unlikely to win seat in Midlands Northwest

Labour Senator Lorraine Higgins has conceded she's unlikely to win a seat in the Midlands Northwest Constituency.

A count is expected here in Castlebar shortly - with Luke Ming Flanagan tipped to take the first seat.

Sinn Fein's Matt Carthy is expected to get second place, with Mairead McGuinness tipped to take third.

A battle will likely ensue for the fourth and final seat.

Asked if she still had confidence in Labour leader Eamon Gilmore, Senator Higgins refused to be drawn.

"I'm not saying anything about Eamon Gilmore - [he's] brought us through very difficult times and that has to be acknowledged," she said.

"The result of the last few days isn't very heartening for a number of people but I think the best forum to discuss this is in the parliamentary party meeting on Wednesday."

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