Healy-Rae defends call for 'drink-drive permits'

Kerry County Councillor Danny Healy-Rae has defended his call for rural people to be given permits that would allow them to drink "two or three pints" and drive afterwards.

Councillor Healy Rae's motion was passed at a meeting yesterday by a margin of five votes to three. The rest of the councillors were either absent or abstained.

He said that permit holders would have to keep their speed down and stick to infrequently used roads.

Councillor Healy-Rae said that providing public transport to and from the pub for these people is not ideal.

"I take people home many nights of the week, I won't say every night of the week, and so do other publicans," he said.

"But it's just that these people like their bit of independence and want to come and go when it suits them and to get their few messages and have just two pints, two or three pints. Three at the very most."

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