Health Minister says he will not be intimidated by protesters at his home

Health Minister Simon Harris has said he will not be intimidated by the latest protest at his home in Wicklow in which gardaí were called.

Mr Harris said his main concern was his family's safety but that he remains focused on his duties.

In February, the Fingal Battalion and Wicklow says No groups targeted Mr Harris at his family home while he, his wife, and their then three-week old child were inside.

Today's protest was carried out by the same group, Fingal Battalion, who posted a video message online, demanding for Mr Harris' resignation.

In the post, the group wrote: "Today we returned to failed health minister Simon Harris, since last been here the health care in Ireland has been constantly headlines in the paper due to lack of facilities and the overwhelming cost of the new children’s hospital.

"Simon also slatted[sic] people who commemorated our fallen hero's [sic] but Simon needs to know he would never be commemorated in this country as he's one of Ireland's biggest embarrassments."

The group was referring to a tweet in which Mr Harris condemned the marching of the Republican Sinn Féin by the GPO on O'Connell Street just days after journalist Lyra McKee was shot deal while covering riots in Derry.

Mr Harris tweeted in response to a video of the march: "Only one army. Pretty simple and important concept in a democracy.

"Anything that endeavors to undermine that in any way cannot be tolerated.

"Pleased this will now be looked at. It needs to be. Really pathetic behaviour. Should be called out as such #NotInMyName"

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