Health Minister: Healthcare workers put patients lives at risk by not getting flu jab

Healthcare workers are putting their patients at risk by not getting the flu vaccine, according to the Health Minister Simon Harris.

The Minister is urging at-risk groups to get the jab as part of the Government’s Be Winter Ready Campaign.

Leaflets are being distributed on staying safe this winter, with tips on staying warm and safe in the coming months.

Minister Harris wants healthcare workers to get the flu jab.

He said: "It seems to be counter-intuitive that some of the most caring professions have such a low uptake of the flu vaccine.

"These are people who come into contact with older people, and obviously sick people, right throughout the winter period.

"Not only are they putting their own health and wellbeing at risk, they are inadvertantly putting the health and wellbeing, and sometimes the lives, of those they care for at risk."

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