GSOC chief calls for end to political appointments

The head of the Garda Ombudsman believes the political appointments system should change if there is to be a "sea change" in Irish policing.

Simon O'Brien's been speaking as the Dáil prepares to debate the Guerin report on alleged Garda mishandling of investigations.

He has also conceded that they were slow to respond to Mr Guerin in his inquiries, but they believed they were doing a "proportionate job" in terms of the material they had to go through.

With a replacement for former Garda Commissioner Martin Callinan yet to be announced, Mr O'Brien was asked this morning whether he believes the system of political appointments needs to stop.

"Clearly if politicians are involved in that process, than you could say it's a political appointment," he said.

"It is the way things are done now, I think with a new authority coming forward, things may change in the future.

"Things should change in the future if there's going to be a sea change in policing."



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