Groups turn to personal testimonies as part of 8th Amendment campaigns

The pro-choice and pro-life "TogetherForYes" and "LoveBoth" campaign groups have launched initiatives which aim to publicise the personal testimonies of women impacted by the 8th Amendment.

The groups have both said they wish to publicise the "voices and experiences" of ordinary people at the centre of this referendum campaign.

The pro-life "LoveBoth - Your Story Matters" campaign invites people who have or know someone who has been saved by 8th Amendment to make contact.

The group write: "Your story matters, and can make a big impact in the campaign to save the 8th Amendment!"

Details of how to contribute to the blog and some of the stories to date can be found here.

The pro-choice "Together for Yes" group have also launched a "Real Stories" podcast series featuring testimonies of women from Ireland who needed an abortion.

Orla O’Connor, Co-Director of Together for Yes said: "Only if we vote yes on May 25th will we be able to create a caring and supportive environment where women can make important personal decisions about their lives and health with the support of their own doctor.”

The podcast series is available here

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