Group to demonstrate against attacks on Syrians

The Irish-Syria Solidarity Movement is demonstrating outside the Russian Embassy in Dublin this afternoon over new attacks on Syrians in rebel-held areas.

Ghouta and Idlib have come under repeated air-attack, despite being part of a de-escalation zone announced by Syrian's main allies, Russia and Iran.

The UN and the International Red Cross have both warned that scores of civilians have been killed or injured, with over 500 people waiting for emergency evacuations.

File photo of bombing on Idlib

Spokesperson Michael Lenehan said the group is calling on the Irish Government to make the strongest possible representations both to the Russian and Iranian governments.

"The situation for those people is particularly dire. In Ghouta, they've had starvation seizes going there for years but there was always some supplies getting through by smuggling and so on," he said.

"Now those routes have been taken away. Now we see the children who are being starved to death. There's dozens, as far as I am aware, who are dying of starvation and being deprived of medical care," he added.

They will march at 2pm.



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