Group calls for more planning for elderly as number expected to rise significantly

Long-term planning is needed to ensure that Ireland takes care of its ageing population, according to Social Justice Ireland.

A new study out today reveals the number of people here over the age of 85 will double by the year 2025.

Social Justice Ireland has conducted a so-called 'social monitor' of the situation and is warning that the demand for services like healthcare will be put under huge strain.

Dr Seán Healy, the Director of SJI, says there are a few steps that can be taken now to improve life in the future.

He said: "Put more resources into enabling people to live at home and that should be part of a broader integrated approach that ensures appropriate access to acute services when required.

"To achieve that we need to also address specific deficits in infrastructure that exist across the country in the whole are of healthcare and care of people as they age."

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