Group calls for Eirgrid manager's resignation over pylon row

John Lowry. Pic: Eddie O'Hare.

The Grid Link Action Group is calling for the resignation of Eirgrid Project Manager, John Lowry, following his comments that the controversial new GridLink project cannot be located underground.

Yesterday, the energy firm insisted that it's not 'technically feasible' to locate its project underground because of the type of electricity used.

But, the organisation, which represents concerned residents in the Kildare, West Wicklow and Laois areas, believes the underground solution is feasible.

Chairman for the Grid Link Action Group, Kieran Connors, said: "Our understanding from the research we've done is that it is possible to put a project such as this underground.

"Some of the research we've done relies heavily on a Government report commissioned by Pat Rabbitte in 2011 and produced in 2012 by an international commission of experts which states that projects such as this could be carried out with an underground solution."

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