Grieving families 'pushing for answers' after HSE refuses access to report on baby deaths at hospital

The HSE has refused to disclose the outcome of a process set up to determine accountability regarding a number of avoidable baby deaths at Midlands Regional Hospital, Portlaoise.

The Irish Times reports that the Portlaoise Review Group found six members of staff had a case to answer.

The group's report was passed on to the HSE's HR department, but it has declined to share if staff faced disciplinary procedures.

Roisin Molloy, whose son Mark died shortly after being born in the hospital in 2012, said families have been given no answers.

Ms Molloy said: "We got word that the investigation was complete and families are not entitled to have access to any of the information.

"So, we have been pushing for answers as to what happened in Portlaoise, why were our children allowed to die?

"We are being told very clearly that it's none of our business, it's none of the public's business, it's nobody's business only the HSE."

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