Greyhound secures court order to stop staff protest

Waste disposal business Greyhound has secured temporary High Court orders stopping protesters from blocking access to their plant in West Dublin.

The court heard over 60 of its waste workers have been conducting an unofficial picket over pay and conditions.

Greyhound said a man was injured in today's impromptu protest by waste collectors while a lorry driver was intimidated and obstructed from entering their Clondalkin plant.

However, when Judge Max Barrett was shown video footage of the protest, he concluded that it looked perfectly peaceful.

The court heard the row is over staff pay.

The judge has granted temporary orders stopping the protesters from blocking access to the plant and from intimidating or threatening anyone trying to enter or exit the premises.

The workers involved are also under order not to represent the protest as a lockout. The union SIPTU is to be put on notice of the case which returns to court on Thursday.

The orders will remain in place until then.

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