Greyhound accuses City Bin over bin charges row

Greyhound Recycling has hit back at City Bin in a row over the cancellation of accounts.

It comes after Greyhound's former customers were hit with a top-up charge at the beginning of the year when they had already switched service providers.

This row started when former Greyhound customers, who had cancelled their accounts in November and December, were still charged for a top-up payment at the beginning of the year.

The protocol is that the new service provider tells the old one when a customer has left.

Greyhound has said that City Bin deliberately delayed providing it with the information so that Greyhound could not place courtesy calls with customers to give them a re-price.

Dermot Jewell from the Consumer Association of Ireland says its not fair that hard-pressed households have been pulled into this war.

Mr Jewell said: "It's the consumer and the customer who have been caught in the crossfire between the companies.

"Iti s pretty poor particularly at a time immediately after Christmas when, without any question, budgets are under huge stress."

Greyhound says that around 500 former customers were affected and that 350 have already been refunded their money.

It has added that the notifications were delayed by six to eight weeks and that they arrived in bulk, not giving them enough time to cancel the accounts before the beginning of the year.

It also informed the National Consumer Agency of the situation.


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