Govt puts plan in place to deduct property tax from social welfare payments

The Government has announced plans to allow for the new property tax to be deducted from people's social welfare payments.

Legislation for the charge, which comes into force in July, has already been passed by the Dáil.

Today, Social Protection Minister Joan Burton brought a document to Cabinet outlining how her department will implement a deduction-at-source facility before July.

Sinn Féin is calling on homeowners to lobby TDs and councillors to repeal the property tax bill.

Party leader Gerry Adams said that, because of the new arrangements, there can be no campaign of non-payment.

"If you don't put in your assessment, the Revenue is going to assess it for you and then they're going to go after it at source," he said.

"They make no differentiation between a very well-off person and somebody who's on the dole or in negative equity.

"The only way to oppose this is to actually repeal it."

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