Govt launches €70m energy plan, projections of 675 jobs for every €10m

A €70m plan has been launched to help make public buildings more energy efficient, with projections the fund will deliver up to 675 jobs, direct and indirect, for every €10 million expenditure.

The plan is the second National Energy Efficiency Action Plan and will target schools, hospitals and other buildings by 2020.

The Energy Minister Pat Rabbitte launched the plan at the Rotunda Hospital where they have spent €1m making the hospital more energy efficient.

He said there is plenty of work out there to be done: "There is an immense amount of work to be done in the area of driving energy efficiency in public and commercial buildings. Separately, we have a programme in respect of domestic retro-fit, and that will continue. This is in addition to the domestic retro-fit programme.

"We see a significant win in terms of jobs and energy savings by placing an increased focus on energy saving in the public and commercial sectors. We want to trigger large investments through this fund.”

The plan in full can be viewed here.

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