Govt 'as spineless as the previous shower' over bankers

Brian Lucey.

A finance expert, Brian Lucey, is accusing the Government of "gross political cowardice" in relation to its lack of political will to tackle the pay and pensions of bankers.

Yesterday, the Tánaiste said neither the Government nor the people of the country found it acceptable that former bankers are on massive pensions, or that current executives are on high salaries.

Eamon Gilmore said while efforts are being made to tackle the issue and the blame lies with the last government.

Professor of Finance at Trinity College Dublin, Brian Lucey, has said that he believes the current Government is enthralled by the banks.

Mr Lucey said: "I think it is just gross political cowardice and that saddens me because we have had 18 months now of the government.

"They seem to be just as captured by the banks as the previous shower. God help us if the banks were to wander up to Government buildings again and ask for another bailout, because it looks to me as if this shower are as spineless as the previous shower."

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