Government's housing plan 'actually contributing to rising prices and rents'

Government policies are worsening the housing crisis instead of improving it, according to a new report by think-tankTasc.

The independent social change group says the Government needs to double or even triple the funding for local authorities to build social housing, rather than relying on the private sector.

The report warns that at the current rate of building, it could take over 40 years to provide permanent homes to people on Dublin City's housing waiting list.

Author of the report, Dr Rory Hearne, says the Government's 'Rebuilding Ireland' programme is failing to meet all its own targets.

"The problem with Rebuilding Ireland is that it's over reliant on new housing supply coming from the private sector," he said.

"Not only is Rebuilding Ireland not meeting its own building targets for social housing, it's actual overreliance on the private sector shows that it’s actually not going to meet the housing needs of the people, and it's actually contributing to rising prices and rising rents because of this over focus on the private sector to provide supply."

Housing Minister Simon Coveney



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