Government to unveil public service reform plan today

Around 25,000 public sector job losses, the end of dozens of decentralisation projects and shutting down quangos and state agencies are all be announced today.

The Government's latest part of its cuts will be revealed in a public service reform programme this afternoon.

Ireland has already committed to the reforms in the terms of the Troika bailout.

Public-sector staff numbers must drop to 302,000 this year, but the recruitment embargo has already seen numbers drop to around 297,000.

The Government will confirm plans to shed some 25,000 public-sector jobs, 10,000 of which have already been achieved, to reduce the number to around 282,000 by 2015.

Reformed annual leave arrangements will also be imposed.

Decentralisation will be under the spotlight again. Forty projects that have not progressed are set to be abandoned.

One of the biggest areas for the Government will be the termination or merging of around 50 quangos and state agencies.

The Government will also outline how savings can be made through improved procurement and shared services such as payroll and HR, with the potential outsourcing of some services.

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