Government signs off on 'mega-bill' in case of no deal Brexit

The cabinet has agreed on new laws to protect Ireland if there is a no deal Brexit.

The omnibus bill was signed off on by cabinet Ministers this morning and will be published on Friday.

It covers measures for nine different government departments to prepare for the worst case scenario Brexit.

For example, it ensures that an Irish student in the UK going to college and getting a SUSI grant will still have it paid.

It also ensures that trains will still be able to run between Dublin and Belfast without having to stop on the border should there be a no deal Brexit.

How tax affairs will work and social welfare payments will work between Ireland and the UK is also addressed.

Finance Minister Paschal Donohoe says his attention is on customs.

"What I am particularly focused on is ensuring that our staffing levels in the right agencies including the Revenue Commissioner are up where we need them to be," said Minister Donohoe.

"I believe that will be. I believe we will have the 400 staff in place that we have committed to on ensuring that our physical infrastructure, particularly Dublin Port, is as advanced as it can be for dealing with the different risks that could materialise at the end of March."

The bill will be presented to President Michael D Higgins on March 29 if it is apparent that there will be a no deal Brexit.

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