Government rules out emergency legislation on Garth Brooks concerts

The Government has ruled out enacting emergency legislation to resolve the Garth Brooks' crisis.

A spokesperson for the Taoiseach said that the decision by Dublin City Council not to allow all five concerts go ahead, is a planning decision and is therefore independent of Government.

400,000 fans have been left in limbo after Garth Brooks released a statement saying he will play five concerts, or none at all.

A protest will be held at 2pm this afternoon outside Croke Park Stadium by residents who want all five shows to be staged at the venue.

Protest organiser Susan Mangan says the concerts are positive, in terms of jobs and the local economy.

"There's an awful lot, 27,000 households [in the area]," she said.

"Now out of these 27,000 households, 373 people objected to these concerts, and I think it's about time the rest of the area got out and they spoke because the reason the area has been quiet is because we just thought the concerts were going to go ahead."

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