Government plans to extend GP visit cards for carers criticised by both sides

Government plans to extend GP visit cards for 40,000 family carers are coming under fire.

The Irish Medical Organisation, which represents doctors, says the measure has been announced as a “vote buying exercise” that doesn't take account of the GPs dealing with increased demand.

Meanwhile Catherine Cox of Family Carers Ireland says it will only benefit one in four carers because it's being attached to the Carer's Allowance, which is means-tested.

Catherine Cox

“We have asked the minister to consider extending this to all carers in receiopt of the Carers’ Support Grant,” she said.

“100,000 carers get the Carers’ Support Grant and they’re full-time carers.

“If you were to extend to that group, we feel that would bring in far more carers who are in a full-time role.”

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