Government needs to do more to tackle 'white collar crime', Commission says

The Law Reform Commission has called for a new Corporate Crime Agency to be set up.

The new organisation would be modelled on the Criminal Assets Bureau, and would target so-called 'white collar crime'.

The commission says the government and state agencies have made some progress in relation to tackling corporate crime in recent years, but more should be done.

The government has committed to establishing a pilot multi-agency task force to address corporate offences.

But the Commission's Report recommends that a Corporate Crime Agency with power to investigate corporate offences should be set up on a statutory basis.

It says the new body would be a multi-disciplinary agency similar to the Criminal Assets Bureau.

And it recommends the setting up of a dedicated Unit in the Office of the DPP to liaise with the new Agency.

The Law Reform Commission says the new agency will need to be properly resourced so it can be effective in fighting corporate crime.

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