Government lose two points in latest opinion poll

The latest opinion poll shows support for the current Government has dropped two points, meaning the coalition is some distance short of being returned with a majority.

Fine Gael is down 2 points to 28% - while Labour is unchanged at 8.

The Red C poll in the Sunday Business Post shows Sinn Féin support up 3 points to 20, while Fianna Fáil stayed the same on 18.

The poll of 1,000 adults was carried out between Monday and Thursday of last week.

Political columnist with the Irish Examiner Gerard Howlin has said so far the electorate do not seem to be buying the Government's pitch: “This message that they have, that they are stability, the alternative or any combination of it is chaos is clearly not being bought by the electorate at this point.

“However critically, the swing votes which are a small subsection of the electorate are still going to really intensively engage, over the next week or ten days so in that sense, the relatively small number of people who are swing votes in key constituencies is to play for.”


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