Gov housing Bill destined to fail, opponents claim

Critics of the Government’s new Bill aimed at tackling the housing crisis claim it is destined to fail.

Socialist TD Ruth Coppinger, who is leading a protest against the Bill outside the Dáil this evening, said it is a ploy to reduce waiting lists.

Under the new legislation, people who receive the rent supplement will be moved onto a new Housing Assistance Payment - which will take them off social housing lists and into the mercy of private landlords.

"It is like they've learned nothing. Private landlords do not want social housing tenants," Coppinger said.

"That's what's going on in the country - that's why people are being made homeless. They [landlords] can get more money elsewhere from other groups of people."

"And because of the rent cap that are in place, they won't take part in this new HAP payment."

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