Google reveals most popular searches in Ireland

It seems Irish people are most interested in value for money when it comes to internet trends.

Every year, search engine Google publishes its Zeitgeist - an analysis of the billions of searches carried out by people around the world.

The fastest-growing search term on Google in Ireland this year was classified ads website

Next on the list was the Apple iPhone 5, which has yet to be even launched.

The Rugby World Cup came third, followed by Saorview - Ireland's new digital TV service.

The British Royal wedding, more specifically, Pippa Middleton, captured our imaginations too, topping the poll for the fastest-rising search for a person in 2011, followed by Imogen Thomas and

Jessie J.

The celebrity we searched most for was Kim Kardashian, followed by Scarlett Johannson and David Beckham.

When it comes to song lyrics, we are most interested in Adele.

The fastest rising "How to" term was "shuffle" - whilst "pottermore" topped the "what is" list - referring to the website launched by Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

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