Gilmore and Prendergast 'moving on' after call for Labour leader's resignation

Labour MEP Phil Prendergast has held a private meeting with party leader Eamon Gilmore after she called for his resignation.

She said the pair shook hands and agreed to move on from their dispute, despite the MEP refusing to withdraw her comments.

The Tánaiste meet with Ms Prendergast in private this evening ahead of a Labour Party election meeting.

She said that the Tánaiste is still happy to go out and canvas with her.

"He's the leader of the party, we've moved on from what has happened," she said.

"The focus now is going to be on the 23rd of May (local and European elections)."

When asked if she now considered Deputy Gilmore fit to be leader of the Labour Party, she responded: "He's the leader of the party. If he is the leader of the party then that's the reality and now we deal with realities."

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