Gerry Adams under pressure to clarify position on Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy

Gerry Adams is under pressure to distance himself from prominent republican Thomas ‘Slab’ Murphy, who was convicted of tax evasion yesterday.

Murphy was found guilty of nine charges by the Special Criminal Court.

The 66-year-old was remanded on continuing bail ahead of a sentencing hearing in February.

Mr Adams previously insisted that Thomas Murphy was a "good republican".

Daniel McConnell, Political Editor of the Irish Examiner has said the Sinn Féin President will be under pressure to clarify his position ahead of the General Election.

“Will he move to distance himself as Sinn Féin are looking for a more middle class vote heading in the General Election?” asked McConnell.

“They’re trying to broaden the party’s appeal. But a lot of people feel that as long as they continue to have links with people who have been now convicted of very serious charges, then their commitment towards democracy and the rule of law in this country remains questionable.”


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