Gerry Adams: 'Of course I apologise for' Martin Ferris collecting Pearse McAuley from jail

Sinn Féin President Gerry Adams has apologised for one of the party's TDs, who collected a man from prison in 2009 who had been convicted of killing a Garda.

North-Kerry TD Martin Ferris collected Pearse McAuley from prison, after McAuley served time for the death of Detective Garda Jerry McCabe in Co Limerick in June 1996.

In December, Mr Ferris said he had no regrets about his decision.

Today Gerry Adams apologised to the McCabe family, for any offence caused by Mr Ferris.

Mr Adams said: "I'm sure he meant no offence at all, and if that family feel, as it seems they do feel, that him collecting the prisoners was an insult or offensive to them, of course I apologise for that."

Martin Ferris.

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