Gerry Adams in Cuba to pay respects to Fidel Castro

Gerry Adams meeting Fidel Castro in 2001.

Gerry Adams has arrived in Cuba to pay his final respects to Fidel Castro.

The Sinn Féin leader has said Castro's death this week is a huge blow to the world.

He claims people in Havana are genuinely moved as tens of thousands file through Revolution Square to say goodbye.

Mr Adams said he had travelled to extend his condolences on behalf of Sinn Féin.

Ireland's Ambassador to Mexico, Sonja Hyland, will represent the Government at the funeral.

Mr Castro ruled Cuba for five decades, before standing down in February 2008.

Following the former president's death at 90 on Friday, it was announced that his remains would rest in Havana's Jose Marti Memorial until today, when a mass gathering takes place in the Plaza de la Revolucion.

The casket containing his ashes will then be transported around the country on a four-day, 900km journey from Havana to Santiago de Cuba, retracing in reverse the route of his rebel army advancing on the capital in 1959.

On December 4, he will be laid to rest at the cemetery of Santa Ifigenia in Santiago de Cuba, alongside 19th-century national hero Jose Marti.

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