George Hook to helm new weekend show for Newstalk

Controversial broadcaster George Hook is to return to Newstalk to present a new weekend show from December onwards, the station confirmed today.

He has suspended from his duties at the talk radio station last Friday after his comments regarding rape provoked a public backlash.

“Newstalk has now concluded the process which reviewed the circumstances that led to George Hook's comments on rape recently,” the radio station said in a statement.

“The station confirms that George Hook will be stepping down from his lunchtime slot. He will return to the station in December 2017 when he will take on a new weekend show.

“Newstalk will shortly be announcing a replacement for the lunchtime show.

“Newstalk will not be making any further comment on this issue.”

The presenter offered a "profound apology" on Monday September 10 for his comments.

Managing editor Patricia Monahan said at the time that his comments were “totally wrong and inappropriate and should never have been made.”


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